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A good translation is more than “this word equals that word”. It’s also the tone of the text, the genre, and the unmistakable beat of your own prose. There are thousands of nuances, words, and expressions that do not translate easily into a different language. A good translator cares about your text as much as you do. She makes sure that your badass heroine does not sound like a whiny teenager, your text flows and sounds natural and fresh to many new readers.

The German Book Market

The German book market is the second largest in the world, and many foreign authors have set their sights on it. However, the German book market is very much its own beast, with specific intricacies, trends, and questions to consider:

  • What is Tolino?
  • What is the newest hot shit in Germany?
  • Should I set up a print version? 

(Answers: one of the biggest ebook distributors, color cuts, and “it depends on your genre, but Germans love their printed books.”)

Who am I?

I am a German author/translator, currently living and working in Stockholm/Sweden. I hold a Ph.D. in geography and am a specialist in urban ecology (ask me about the Stockholm housing market for trolls and valkyries). My daily life is trilingual. German is my native language and I speak English and Swedish fluently (I also dabble a bit in Spanish as a hobby). 

I am also a hybrid author, writing in English and German, and I have been publishing on the German market since 2016. While I live in Stockholm I constantly surveil the German market, have an extensive network in the author community, and travel to Germany several times every year, at least for the major book fairs, to see what is happening, what trends are emerging, and also to meet my readers in person. 

Apart from giving you a top-notch translation, I am happy to share my knowledge and ideas with you, to find the right keywords for your book, etc. 

The translation process

Contact me via email at  Please include the following:

  • project title
  • short link to the English version
  • genre
  • length of the project (norm pages/ word count)
  • scope of the project: standalone
  • deadline
  • anything else you wish to share about your project

I also ask for a short excerpt from your manuscript (around 10 pages), to calculate the amount of work required. A translation is cooperation. To ensure we work well together, I offer a free 1-page translation so you can see what my translation looks like. I guarantee that your work is in the safest of hands.

I will reply to your inquiry ASAP to let you know whether I have capacities including my offer. Prices start from 5c/word (minimum fee 50 $).

The translation is done in two shifts: one for the base translation, and a second one to make the text flow and easy to read and enjoy. 

You get your translation back with a detailed list of comments, to make sure that you are aware of (and happy with) my translation decisions.

Please note: I can’t do the editing for you. Not “don’t want to”. “can’t”. After several rounds of translation, I am too close to the text to see any errors. Please plan for editors/test readers etc. accordingly. 

How about nonfiction?

My main scope and area of expertise is fiction. However, given that I have the necessary expertise I could also translate your textbook. Or maybe you want your homepage translated for your German readers? Or want to send out a newsletter? Just hit me up and we’ll figure something out.